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Why Learn Roulette at CEG Dealer School?


1) CEG instructors are all current and past dealers with experience at the Wynn, Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan, Aria and Bellagio. 

2) Learn Roulette on Full Sized professional Left and Right Roulette Tables as often seen in most casinos. At CEG you learn and practice spinning the ball with your Left AND Right hand. Schools with just 1 Roulette wheel do not allow you to become proficient on both sides. 

3) CEG offers high quality, full sized Roulette tables and wheels. Smaller, older tables and wheels lack the feel and response of a live casino roulette table. 

4) CEG utilizes an adaptive learning process. Start immediately. We always have instructors on-hand to advance your knowledge, skills and proficiency. Learn at your own pace and availability. Perfect for working adults or anyone with time restrictions. 

5) Every enrollment includes 6 months of practice

6) CEG assists graduates with casino job placement. We work with a network of more than 50 local casinos. We also have contacts in Mesquite NV, Florida, Colorado, California, New York, Japan and other markets. 

Roulette Overview 

CEG Dealer School trains you to become a confident, employable Roulette dealer, proficient in all procedures of Roulette in order to pass a live audition and/or interview and earn a job dealing Roulette.

This course begins with the rules and objects of the game of Roulette. The student is then taught how to handle chips, change currency, and manage a roulette table. Our school features roulette tables positioned in both LEFT and RIGHT configurations as they are typically found in most casinos. 

CEG Students start each course with a personal introduction, comprehensive training manuals and EZ reference supplements. With a mix of class lectures, hands-on practice, game play, evaluation and testing, CEG students become certified to deal each game with confidence and skill.  

Roulette Topics include:

Cheque Cutting (left and right hands)
Single Bet Payoffs
Pushing and Pulling Chips
Sizing and Mucking Chips
Spinning the Ball Left and Right
Buying In and Cashing Out
Payoff Keys
Game Protection
Credit and Markers
Peer Review X 3
Instructor Audition

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