CEG Dealer School - June 10th Update

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Welcome Back Students. 

Its starting to feel normal, or as normal as possible as we welcome back old and new students alike. 

First some promos to get us all back on our feet;

1) For new students -  If you sign up as a new student before Tuesday the 16th, we are offering 3 Main Games (BJ, Roulette and Bacc) + Pai Gow for $500 (Prepaid with Cash, add +15 for CC). 

2) Former Graduates can register for new classes at the following rates - $250 for Bacc, $250 for Roulette and $300 for Craps. 

2) For current students, we are automatically extending your contracts to replace any missed time. 

3) If your time was already expired, we are inviting back students at the following rates $150 for a month of practice, $50 for a week, or $20 per day. 


Facilities Update:

  • All students are required to wear masks. Period. 
  • We have Sanitizer, Washroom, and Foaming Hand Sanitizer on the wall. 
  • Your food and drink must be completely self contained. 
  • For now there is no more community food or drinks. 
  • The fridge is cleaned our nightly. 
  • We have new gym style lockers that allow for to store your stuff privately.
  • You must remove all personal items from the school daily or they will be discarded or donated. 

Class Updates

  • Craps instruction will start 6/15/2020 from 1pm.
  • Poker classes will be delayed temporarily as we find an instructor. We hope to have an update shortly. 

Career Updates

  • Casinos are recovering quickly. Demand has exceeded current supply, but there are still lots of unknowns. 
  • We are working with some casinos to develop an "Onboarding" plan. The idea is to refocus on dealers with more games and more personality AND graduates of CEG (of course). 
  • The opportunity for NEW positions will be diminished for the next few months but we expect demand will increase once Covid is under wraps.
  • The opportunity for income may actually improve given the switch by some casinos to a "keep your own" tip policy. 
  • Vegas as a whole is still the ultimate playground in the US. We have always endured and come back stronger each time. Now is a great time to take 3-6 months and train while the world recovers.